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"Receive Your Needs and Desires Now!"

Helping wives receive their needs, desires and create a passionate long lasting marriage without working harder on the relationship.

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3-Phase Plan for reviving your marriage: A proven step by step path to receiving your needs and desires fast and easy while staying in your values and your faith. Enjoy an easier life and more of what God offers. You are empowered to create and cultivate a marriage filled with satisfaction!



Beliefs &
the Nervous System







Expert weekly/bi-weekly coaching calls: You'll have the backing of a satisfied woman who has undergone this transformative journey herself. I'll offer unconventional solutions and transformative guidance that effectively alter the entire dynamic of your relationship. Along the way, you'll acquire practices enabling you to respond to situations in a completely novel manner. With the guidance of an experienced mentor, you'll be guided back to your inherent feminine essence, aligning yourself to effortlessly receive your heart's desires within your marriage.


Download Zoom Sessions

Download Zoom sessions for easy access. Revisit videos to explore your inner self and overcome obstacles. Stay reminded of effective techniques to progress toward your desires from your husband, God, and life.

Staying Connected

Voice messaging through Voxer in between coaching calls.* Relish the presence of a guide who stands by you not just during coaching calls, but also in your daily life. I'm there for you when challenges arise, when you feel uncertain, overwhelmed, or simply in need of support and guidance.

*Levels 1 & 2 only.


Private Access

Facebook Community

Join a community exclusively for women dedicated to personal growth and enriching their marriages. Here, your guide consistently provides additional free resources, insights, and techniques for communicating with men in a manner that resonates with their deepest selves and elicits their most noble responses.

Exclusive Bonus

Access to my private Facebook group Sexual Chemistry: Option 1 and 2 include an invitation to join our exclusive BONUS group for pleasure seekers, where I share additional tips on deepening emotional and physical intimacy, along with strategies to invigorate your sex life or increase his sexual desire for you more frequently.


What You will learn:

Path 1

  • How to embody your heart's deepest desires utilizing the nervous system.

  • Recognizing and healing from false beliefs.

  • Identifying and removing blocks to allow for more intimacy.

  • Practices for receiving abundant pleasure into your life regularly.

  • Personalized practices and tools for each situation that arises.

Beliefs & the Body


Somatic practices to embody your needs and desires


Choose your vibe and step in to your ability to emit frequencies that either attract or repel your desires


Co-create each moment in life by being present, conscious and deliberate

Path 2

  • Reconnect with your innate feminine essence and effortlessly embody your inspiring, magnetic self as a woman.

  • Start to embrace the available ease and gradually open yourself to receiving even more.

  • Take proactive steps to develop new responses, leading to fresh reactions from your spouse.

  • Discover the transformative influence of curiosity and magnetic energy, supplanting outdated approaches like "hard work."


How your bodies most natural instincts drive behavior


Become an inspirational muse as you polarize your relationship


Discover the power of receiving


Experience the power of new responses when relating

Path 3

  • Uncover and define your personal vision, understanding that clarity is the first step toward realizing your desires.

  • Naturally uncover your husband's vision for himself, you, and your family in a manner that's enjoyable and fosters connection.

  • Unite with God and your partner to collaboratively design your future, gaining clarity on the roles that are most desirable for each of you.

  • Experience the transformative power of complementary desires within your relationship.


Strategy #1

Unveil your defined personal vision, understanding that clarity is the gateway to fulfilling your desire

Strategy #2

Uncover the profoundly transformative power of the natural and complementary desire between men and women

Strategy #3

Join forces with God and your partner to collaboratively shape your future, gaining clarity on the roles that are most desirable for each of you

Personalized Coaching for Wives

I help wives receive their needs, desires and co-create a passionate and soul nurturing relationship with their husband and ignite passion by embodying their heart's deepest desires.


Enroll now before this offer expires!

Option 1

Paid in Full

Option 2

6 Monthly Payments

Option 3

Single Session

You're deeply committed to your marriage. Eager to receive your desires without "working on the relationship" and to cultivate the passionate marriage you've always envisioned.

But “getting there” feels so hard

You feel stressed out about the reoccurring problems that cause you emotional pain time and time again. It’s hard to be happy like this.

You’re afraid that love is slipping away because he’s just not treating you like he used to.

You’re sick of having to ask, beg, or nag for what you need or desire

You’re afraid you might be going around in circles for years trying things that don’t work like praying more, studying relationships and men more, or just giving more to him thinking he’ll give back. You’re wasting too much time and energy on things that don’t work.

You hate dealing with hidden pains and resentments underneath and not having the passionate connection you once had.

I totally get it!

I never intended to be a love coach but after going through so much heartache and feeling hopeless to ever feel like a satisfied, happy, wife I found answers. So when the opportunity to pass this on to other women and change their lives crossed my path, I took a leap! (which was challenging for me because I would have to open up and share much of my own embarrassing failures. Something that isn’t easy for me to admit.)

Being an unhappy, overworked, undervalued wife just didn’t work for me, so I decided to create my own marriage and life the way I wanted. And this program is exactly what has lead me to having the orgasmic life I have today. I am one of the few fully satisfied women!

The Perfect Fit if You're Tired of:

  • Lack of Enthusiasm

    his lack of enthusiasm and devotion and have no idea how to inspire him.

  • The Same Problems

    having the same problems over and over again causing emotional pain.

  • Feeling Alone

    Being the only one who seems to care about the relationship.

  • Feeling Powerless

    losing faith and feeling powerless and as if maybe your heart's desires don’t matter to God.

  • Unmet Needs and Desires

    doing all the right things but having none of your deepest needs or desires met.



Secrets of Desire

- You Are the Key -

I help wives create a satisfying marriage through embodying their heart's deepest desires instead of putting more effort into the relationship.

Our 3-6 Months Together Will Include

  • 3-Phase Plan for reviving your marriage: a proven step by step path to receiving your needs and desires in a way that aligns with your values and faith. So you’re refreshed and experiencing all that God has for you leaving you BOTH completely satisfied!
  • Expert weekly/bi-weekly coaching calls: you will have support from a fully satisfied women who is experienced and will provide you with several solutions and practices to get you receiving every bit of what you truly deserve.
  • (Lifetime) Copy of each coaching session: simply download our zoom sessions to your computer and watch your videos over and over as you discover yourself and your blocks as well as the techniques for moving forward into what it is your heart truly desires from your husband, from God, and from life.

You do NOT have to work so hard to have a PASSIONATE and long lasting and fulfilling marriage where your husband fulfills your needs and desires.

I want to help you get there.

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How it Works

  • Each week (or every other week) you will have an opportunity to either move forward on the path or to deal with what is coming up in your marriage and life. You will have easy homework for handling things that come up as well as moving forward in the program. I am with you in any situations that arise! There are no cookie cutter answers here. I adapt with what comes up for you.
  • You have daily access to me through the Voxer app where you can leave voice messages for me when it’s convenient for you and I will respond asap. Don’t forget I stay very connected to you throughout the program.

Enroll now before this offer expires!

Option 1

Paid in Full

Option 2

6 Monthly Payments

Option 3

Single Session